Cherry and Ryan’s Stirk House wedding photography

There was a real crackle surrounding this wedding! I knew it would be a great day when I first met the bride and groom; neither of them ever stop laughing and that sort of behaviour’s contagious! It was an absolute pleasure to tell the story of Cherry and Ryan’s big day with the Stirk House wedding photography, I hope when they look over their wedding photographs they can enjoy the sense of being there all over again.

Ivy-clad Stirk House is a beautiful wedding venue. Built in 1635, it sits among the Ribble Valley hills; quite simply, it’s stunning. Despite the traditional façade, the wedding organisers at this family run manor decorated the outdoor areas with elegant, twinkling fairy lights giving it a contemporary feel. This matched the vintage and very cool ambiance of the day. Wedding photographers revel in an amazing backdrop and Stirk House certainly provided that. The quintessentially English gardens resonate romance, and I hope the Stirk House wedding photography really grabs the day’s buoyant, friendly, feel-good atmosphere.

What is Important in a dress is the woman who’s wearing it – Yves Saint Laurent

Cherry’s Justin Alexander mermaid dress from Ava Rose Hamilton is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever set eyes on (and I see a lot of wedding dresses!). Vintage style, with intricate gem studded embroidery, Cherry’s dress had a killer train perfect for creative portraits. And the brides shoes? They were unique. I took a solo shoe shot; patterned inside, projecting life and colour and undeniable coolness, just like the bride. Ruby Slippers did Cherry’s makeup and hair in a room of relaxed laughter. The three giggling bridesmaids looked great in grey and helped each other button up the bridesmaids dresses. There was a semblance of vintage style as the bridesmaids and Cherry all stepped out wearing a single string of pearls.

A good laugh is sunshine in the house – William Thackeray

Ryan and his Best Man donned white rose buttonholes in their slick tuxedos to match Cherry’s rose bouquet from Bloomin Lovely (nice name!). Cherry and her dad laughed together from the minute he saw her in all her glory to when they were walking down the aisle together; when they danced later they were still laughing. Those who follow me on Facebook and Instagram know I love natural shots, and consequently I got some beautiful wedding photographs of this pair. What struck me during the day was the mass of fun and laughter wrapped around the bride and groom.

If I get married I want to be very married – Audrey Hepburn

Cherry and Ryan exchanged wedding rings smiling away. They were married by Ryan’s Aunty Kath which made the wedding ceremony extra special. Best Man, Spud, had the whole room rolling around! Cherry (and I got a great shot of you!) was in stitches and the groom was guffawing by the end of his best man’s speech. Speeches before wedding breakfast is kinder; I’ve seen a Best Man so sick with nerves before his speech he couldn’t eat!

Dance Like Nobody’s watching – Satchel Paige

Wedding breakfast complete with singing waiters over, Cherry and Ryan had their first dance, and you two really like dancing! DJ Stephen ‘Ravvy’ Rewaj and the band, Boomin, made sure the party went on and on. Ryan and friends were definitely having a blast! My second snapped two particularly awesome toddlers, to add to the Stirk House wedding photography cache, who were out-dancing the room. Furthermore, I had to Instagram it; Beck and Hattie are “Two little rock stars”, as you put it Cherry!

In love, married and best mates; Mr and Mrs Bond I hope you have an incredibly happy life together.

Once again, a massive thank you to Oliver Kelly Photography who seconded with me, you legend!

If you’re looking for a Stirk House wedding photographer, and you want the natural, surprising and unplanned moments of the day captured, as well as requested posed shots that will make your wedding memories special, get in touch and let’s have a chat!

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