My Fees

Digital collections & Album investments


…If your after 5* treatment and photos that simply blow you away, this is your guy.   Thank you Ryan! Love Mr & Mrs Eatock

I get it. You come here to find out how much you have to invest to get me as your wedding photographer.  Also, wedding photography pricing tends to be one of those little mysteries that no one wants to be forthcoming with.  I can tell you simply why that is – it’s because there is no one-size-fits-all price.  Everyone has an idea of what wedding photography they want, and each of these ideas are different.  For example, one of the most frequent enquiries I get is “we are looking for photographs from bridal prep to first dance”.

My instant response to this is that some of my best guest photographs have been taken after the first dance, because it is the one time of the day when guests let their hair down, and you get photographs like this:

guests hug and dance at evening reception


A note about my Albums

Another factor you might consider when thinking about pricing is Albums.  You will always receive digital images of course, but personally, I strongly believe that a photograph is not a photograph unless it’s printed.  Of course, there are thousands of of album configurations to choose from, which will affect the cost, but just have a look at this amazing book.



Having said that, you want to know where I stand roughly, and I understand that.   I try to keep my pricing modest, but provide an amazing experience.  Here is a rough guide to my pricing:

Collections start from £1350 

Including all of the following:

Pre-wedding consultation
at least 300 photojournalistic photographs
All photos beautifully edited using state of the art Photoshop Technology
Electronic Photo Download
Online Gallery