Floral Media Wedding Photography – Abigail and Sam

Abigail and Sam’s Floral Media Wedding Photography is still one of my favourite collections of images of last year. I’ve been meaning to blog it for so long, but it was such an amazing wedding that I needed to find time to fully do it justice. Floral Media itself is a hidden gem set in Caunton, near Newark.  With it’s light summertime festival feel and perfectly manicured grounds, you’ll see it’s really is a beautiful place to have a wedding.

We started the wedding day at the father of the Bride’s house in Tuxford, the home where our Bride grew up.  The first thing I noticed about the house was it’s stunning lighting for wedding photographs.  I was also happy to see a lovely garden – perfect for the kids to run around while I took photographs.  Abigail got ready with her five bridesmaids.  She wore a beautiful floral textured white fishtail strapless dress with a silver diamante detail.  Her wedding shoes where white which she later traded for a pair of diamante studded converse.

Going to the Chapel

We then moved on to Sutton on Trent’s All Saints Church for the ceremony.  I love church wedding photography as we have so many beautiful churches in this country.  When you spend time photographing them, you realise how much beautiful detail there is in our houses of worship.  Abigail’s proud father walked her down the aisle where Sam was nervously waiting.  The nerves disappeared as soon as he saw his stunning bride in her gorgeous wedding dress. They shared a quiet joke and a giggle as they joined hands and prepared for their vows. Sam wore a striking tweed three piece suit with a white button hole.

After the newlyweds walked up the aisle we got a lovely confetti shot.  Following that, the church’s Gothic grounds gave me a stunning backdrop for a few group wedding photographs.  Then, we took off to to Floral media for the ceremony, plus a bit more wedding photography!

Green Fingers at Floral Media

One of my favourite floral media wedding photographs of the day is of the Groomsmen walking into the venue, completely lost!   The best man led them of course , and it was like the blind leading the blind!  I captured some lovely moments during the drinks reception and the speeches just after the main course.  During the speeches we heard laughter as the best man produced some school photographs, and tears as Sam spoke about his love for Abigail.

I then took the newlyweds out for some couples photographs.  Given how perfect the gardens were, the floral media Wedding photography turned out stunning.  Abigail and Sam let me pose them a little bit to bring out some artistic ph.  Not my usual style but they were really cool and up for it.  The results speak for themselves!

A Wonderful Ending

The guests were hilarious during the evening reception.  Just as the first dance drew to a close, they couldn’t help but jump straight onto the dance floor.  They pulled all sorts of daft moves and impromptu poses for my camera ending the Floral Media Wedding Photography with a bang!  Lastly, I shot a few photographs of the bride and groom cutting the cake and then one final image, the last one below.  I love this photograph because it reflects Abigail and Sam’s love for each other perfectly.  I had bagged my kit and loading it into the boot when I saw this beautiful moment unfold.  I couldn’t help myself.  I popped open my bag, got my long lens out and snapped this gorgeous photo.  What a wonderful ending to a fairy-tale day!

Update – June 2016

I’ve just heard the wonderful news that Abigail and Sam are expecting their first baby together.  I couldn’t be happier for one of my favourite couples, congratulations you guys!  Below is my collection of Floral Media Wedding Photography, I hope you enjoy it!

If you are considering a wedding at Floral Media and would like to discuss your Floral Media wedding photography, please get in touch, or head over to my main website.

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