Kimberley and Joseph

I’ve photographed a few Eaves Hall weddings in my time, I can tell you (now I sound old. Well I’m not, I’m a strapping youngster!). The bride and groom – in this case Kimberley and Joseph (what can I say about the pair of you? Charisma, humour, openness and awesomeness!) – have show-stopping grounds to stroll through, whilst arty and *buzzword* natural photographs are taken by their wedding photographer – in this case me (what can I say about me? Irish, incredible dancer, love soup, supremely talented).  Regularly bandied about in reference to wedding venues is the word ‘Hall’, and a good deal of the time they don’t quite live up to the hype.

So, you think of ‘Hall’, you’ve notions of grandeur, expectations of luxury, you want a sweeping driveway that Meghan Markle would be proud of (that’s the Duchess of Sussex to you). You want Symmetry – at least I do; symmetry is something I’ve a fondness for, it makes for a good picture – and the symmetrical frontage to Eaves Hall, with it’s decorative, central balcony (drone action!) is wonderfully stately.  As Kimberley and Joseph’s Eaves Hall wedding photography illustrates, this is a hall that does the name justice; it doesn’t disappoint.

“After a while, you just want to be with the one who makes you laugh.” –  Mr Big, Sex in the City

My happy couple said I Do in late May, just as the trees were blossoming and the flowers had started to bloom in the glorious Ribble Valley. Us optimisits hope that by May the weather will be looking good; and on May the 27th? It was looking exceptional! What I had here was sunshine and a couple who made each other squark laughing. I loved capturing the (myriad) moments when Kimberley threw her head back and let rip her awesome laughter at whatever Joseph was saying to her: “Are you Jamaican baby? coz Jamaican me….” (Instagram gold!). lt was going to be a grand day!

“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun” – Katherine Hepburn

I’d say that the bride and her bridesmaids had the more raucous and exuberant time getting themselves wedding-ready (as Facebook will attest to!), not that the boys didn’t have a good craic, but they were more sedate, should we say? Some of the high jinx and tom foolery from these girls? Well, I tell you, a man of my delicate nature was blushing like a beetroot! The bridal party began the day in personalised silk robes, having  stayed overnight at Eaves Hall’s on-site lodge  (God alone knows what they got up to there, the rascals). Kimberley is an irrepressible, smiling, social-butterfly sensation – photographers jackpot! She looked gorgeous in a striking A-line silhouette, tulle-layered wedding dress, supplied by Elite Bridal, the Basque bodice intricately decorated. With Emma on hair and Natalie Kent-Brown on makeup, Kimberley had all her pals pitching in!

“Being someone’s first love may be great, but to be their last is beyond perfect.” – Anon

A thoroughly romantic outdoor ceremony was met by clear blue skies, a bevy of uncontrollably enthusiastic wedding guests and a lot of happy tears and laughter. Under a flower-adorned arch Kimberley and Joseph exchanged rings, watched by their beyond cute son, Carter, Having accompanied a bridesmaid up the aisle, he took a seat on his grandad’s laps (he features more than once in the Eaves Hall wedding photography album!). The bridesmaids, wearing champagne dresses to match the groomsmen, all had a bit of a tear-wipe. Following the words ‘you may kiss the bride’, the erupting cheers shook the Ribble valley! Snazzy (is that still a word?!) in a three-piece from Whitfield and Ward, Joseph looked like the happiest chap on the planet.

“And suddenly all the love songs were about you.” – William Wilfred Campbell

Post the furore of congratulations, I told my newly weds to go! Relax! Stroll in the gardens, enjoy one another’s company! Because nothing is more relaxing than being vaguely aware of a photographer with a zoom lens stalking you…! These two are 110% in love, I was able to capture some fantastically natural moments; Kimberley and Joseph glow on their wedding photographs. The wedding guests were seriously glam; a good number fabulous in 1950s style wedding outfits – I love this look. However, when it came to the bride throwing her bouquet – a pretty rose arrangement by Love and Tulips –  all this statuesque glamour and cool vintage style? It went OUT THE WINDOW! Not in all my born days have I seen such a determined bunch of women! Scrummage. Carnage. That’s all can say!

“Dancing with the feet is one thing. Dancing with the heart is another.” – Anonymous

Joseph’s speech had Kimberley holding her sides at the wdding breakfast, and the best man used his own photos to groom-shame, a common practice. Kimberley gave her dad a thank you bottle of Jamaican rum in an engraved box, and Joseph’s dad whiskey. A suitcase-shaped wedding cake was courtesy of Michelle Ward, another friend; just so many wonderfully personal DIY details. As evening arrived, with it came a joyous first dance and fun-filled (alcohol too maybe?!) people got down with their funky selves (I heard that phrase somewhere. I like it. They were funky?! What?!). Kimberley and her dad took to the floor, and you’d have had to be made of stone not to get a bit choked up watching them.

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words” – Destin Sparks

I had a metaphorical ball photographing Kimberley and Joseph’s wedding day, and a literal ball bounced off my head whilst trying to work! It’s not easy for us wedding photographers; lying on the ground (often wet); crawling about the place; hanging off things trying to get that nailed-on, perfect shot (dignity took the bus a long time ago…). Kids? They’ll take advantage of this every time! Photographical evidence below.

“Grow old along with me, the best is yet to come.” – Robert Burns

Kimberley and Joseph, I’m so grateful you asked me to play a part in your special day. Your little family is going to take on the world with verve, vigour and pizazz. I don’t need to say be happy – it’s a given.

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