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How To Keep Kids Entertained At Your Wedding

What do you do with the Little Angels?! It’s always difficult drawing the line when you’re deciding who to invite to your wedding day. If it’s a big fat wedding, the likelihood is you’ve got a good few kids on the list, and even if it isn’t, there are going to be a few close friends and family with children. Below, I've spliced together a few tips on how to keep kids[...]

Palm House Sefton Park Wedding Photography

Colette and Gareth With temperatures taking a downward turn this week, and the wind managing to uproot a massive buddleia tree in my garden (?!), this wedding sprung to mind; something to warm us all up! When someone mentions the Palm House Sefton Park to me I feel a frisson. Yes! A frisson; one of excitement! To be asked to take wedding photographs at this spectacul[...]

Weddings At The Manchester Art Gallery

As a photographer, and a resident of Manchester, there are many reasons why I like the idea of shooting  weddings at the Manchester Art Gallery, or any gallery for that matter! But, one of the reasons (maybe the strongest) is that my friends – Francesca and Tristan Hall - got married here and they were blown away by how fabulous it was, and although it's a while ago[...]