Attention to detail

I love shooting Indian Weddings.  It is such a big deal for an Indian couple to choose a non-Indian to photograph their wedding, because after all these celebrations are so multifaceted and there is so many different ceremonies that you could imagine it would be hard for a non-Indian to keep up.  The simple trick is to do as much research as possible, and  and to be absolutely in control of all the events and the timings of them, and generally to follow the bride and groom around everywhere they go!  I’ve shot several Indian & Asian weddings now and I was so happy that Ameesha decided that she wanted a different take on her Indian Wedding photography than the standard, which is why she chose me to cover her big day.

Beautiful Colour

Asian weddings are traditionally extremely colourful, with the Bride in Red instead of White, and as much attention paid to the groom’s traditional dress as the brides.  Just look at the detail in Saagar’s Sherwani!  Naturally at Indian weddings there is a big emphasis on group shots, so contrary to my normal style I will shoot up to 100 different groups in a day – which takes a LOT of organisation!

A Modern Nod to the Traditional

As a photographer I strive to do everything I can to keep my couples happy.  Asian weddings require a lot more advance planning, but I am always happy to help you with this.  The result is an amazing set of images shot with my candid style, but with all of the important parts of a traditional Asian wedding captured to the greatest detail.  Please get in touch if that sounds like what you are looking for in your Asian wedding photography.

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