Manchester Wedding Photographer – Ryan Rafferty

Hi!  My name is Ryan, I’m a Manchester Wedding Photographer.  If you are here, then I can make a few assumptions about you.  You’ve invested years of your life into one single day.  You’ve been planning, searching, interviewing.  You’ve accepted no substitutions to make your big day absolutely perfect. Your attention to detail knows no limits.  Therefore, you want a wedding photographer who will capture every single detail of the day, every aspect of all your work.  The wonderful memories of the day condensed into a series of breathtaking images. In short, you want a wedding photographer who cares about your day as much as you do, and that is me in a nutshell.

My name is Ryan Rafferty, and I am a Wedding Photographer.  I get to meet new people at the happiest times of their lives, be a part of those magical moments every time I go to work. The difference between me and other wedding photographers that you will see is that I really listen to exactly what you want, and you end up with just what you want. I like to hear about all of your plans and I’ll bounce ideas off you as to how we could capture them.

I believe that a perfectly captured photo is worth more than a hundred average ones. Please, don’t settle for average, one-size-fits-all photography.  This is the day that you have thought about for years, invested in with such detail and focus, and planned meticulously.  Make sure then, that it is captured with the same calibre of thought, planning, attention and love. Before you choose your  Photographer, get in touch and let’s arrange a meet up. I will show you why I think you couldn’t choose better than me to capture your big day.

What Sets Me Apart?

In a nutshell, peace of mind is what sets me apart as a Manchester Wedding Photographer.  I strive to make you feel that you have made the perfect decision by booking me.  I’m married and so I’ve been through the process myself.  It  is one of the biggest investments of your life and you need to be sure that you make the right decision.

How do I do this? Simple.

  • I never take a penny off you until you have met me and have seen at least one full wedding of your choice.
  • I always make it comfortable and easy for you to say no – never any hint of pushiness.
  • I send you a list of my last brides and grooms, with their contact details, for you to call them up and find out how it was to work with me.
  • I will let you keep 20% of the wedding photography fee until you have the photographs and are absolutely delighted with them. (seriously, who does that? ;-))
  • I don’t charge any extras – the price will always be the same, so no nasty surprises.
  • If I’ve not been to your wedding venue before, I will always visit beforehand to figure out the absolute best backdrops for you wedding photographs.
  • I am Irish, therefore I get along with absolutely ANYONE!
  • Since the day I picked up a camera 20 years ago I’ve been a social photographer – always photographing people in their natural states.
  • I’ve never had a customer who wasn’t delighted with my work.
  • I am motivated almost entirely by praise, and this motivation flows directly into your photographs.

What Can I expect when we meet?

The first thing I’ll ask when you get in touch is if you would like to come and see more of my work, particularly a full wedding.  No matter which photographer you choose, it is so important that you see a full wedding.  Also, you’ll want to make sure you get on with her or him.  After all, they are the person you will see most of on the day!

I’ll make you the best latte you’ve ever had in my barista coffee machine. (I’m obsessed with coffee and import direct from the farmers – it’s way better than fair-trade)  and I’ll show you a full wedding or two, or as many as you want! I’ll also show you a few enlarged prints.  This way you can see the detail and sharpness of my photographs.  I’ll then show you my digital photo develop process using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.  This starts with a few undeveloped photos and I’ll demonstrate how I make them perfect for you.

Most of all I’ll be really keen to hear about your plans.  I’ll listen carefully to exactly what kind of photographs you want, what styles you like.  I’ll also ask you if you’ve seen anything you like while researching wedding photography.  This all helps me to be completely in focus with your hopes and aspirations for your big day.  It makes me the best I can possibly be for you on your wedding day, and makes the photos exactly what you want.

This whole time I’ll be really keen to make you feel comfortable.  I promise I will never try any “hard sell” – it doesn’t make either me or you feel very nice.  I will make it as easy as pie to say no thank you (but I’ll secretly hope you don’t!).

I’m a Manchester Wedding Photographer and my photography studio is in north Manchester, so if you are local you can pop by.  Or, if you prefer, I can come to see you.  We can also chat on Skype if it’s better for you that way.

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